Good Will Hunting Sociology

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Traditionally society perceives the perfect nuclear family structure as consisting of two married parents living with their children and residing in a luxurious home, in an influential area.
Providing financial stability for the household, supplying an abundance of food, better health care, wants and needs. Owning more than one car and up to date with all the latest technology and gadgets. Offering additional extracurricular opportunities that allow their children to flourish socially and gain a higher level of confidence, whilst attending private schooling. Both parents model appropriate behavior and set daily routines, working together cooperatively as a team and relying on one another to overcome difficult challenges. This glamorized version
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Another untraditional family situation that concludes with the main characters relying on strangers that unfold in their lives, to redirect them in order to find a sense of peace and new identity. Main character Will Hunting is on probation, an orphaned genius struggling to find his way and establish trustworthy and meaningful relationships. His sense of belonging comes from four troubled teenage friends, whom he consistently gets into trouble with breaking the law. At 20 years of age he is a self taught, gifted young man with a photographic memory.
Working as a janitor at a local College, Will stumbles upon and solves a difficult problem anonymously which was posted by Professor Gerald Lambeau from an algebraic graph theory, as a challenge for his graduate students. Desperate to discover the identity of the problem solver, the Professor realises that it is not a college student but a local dropout. Realising Will’s potential, he persuades the court to give Will a chance to escape his prison sentence, in return for attending counselling sessions and mathematical classes, to refocus his aggression and dysfunctional behaviors and expand his
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To work together and improve problems, in aid to assist and provide guidance.
They display a selection of values, in the case of The film Good Will Hunting, the main character decides to become a client of therapist Dr Sean Maguire as he assesses and evaluates the disfunctuntional relationships he has formed with the people that he has allowed into his life. Sean becomes a role model and mentor. Will is inspired and develops respect for him. In turn, Dr Maguire is able to see Will’s potential to make something of himself. Sean can identify himself in Will's loss of direction and need for a new path.
Both gain from their hardships and create new beginnings. This also links to 'The Castle'. The suddenly twist of fate they experience when the Kerrigan family receives unwanted news. Believing in the common principle that the government can not evict his family unwillingly from their treasured home. Darryl draws people together for the common good. Proving the importance of the sense of self worth and identity with this