Essay on Gordon's Functional Health Pattern Assessment

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Gordon’s Functional Health Pattern
In 1987 Marjorie Gordon proposed a functional health pattern as a guide to establish a comprehensive nursing data base. A comprehensive family assessment provides a foundation to promote family health (Edelman and Mandel, 2001).There is 11 categories that provide a systematic and standardized approach to determine the aspects of health and human function. By interviewing the entire family it becomes possible to determine the functional and dysfunctional (or risky) behaviors for the individual and well as the family as a whole.
I began my interview by first creating and then asking two open-ended questions from each of the eleven functional health patterns. This tool was utilized in helping me to develop
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They both are educators at work. He is an instructor and she is a nursing preceptor for new employees and new nursing graduates. They both devote time for continuing education for each of their own state licensure. They all love to read for pleasure and knowledge. The mother is in school to get a higher degree. Both of the children are in college, convey a yearning for knowledge and able to maintain a B average. They all create time to stay current on political, local and national news. The parents and children are all capable of making independent and responsible decisions.
The roles of each family member are very traditional. The father is the leader and primary financial provider. He does all the yard work and repairs on the house and cars. Most family decisions are made jointly. The mother works part time and does the majority of the housekeeping and cooking. This works well for them. The primary role for the children is to work and pay their own private social ventures but most important while they live at home for free they must attend school full time and achieve a B or better average. They have many friends, attend church, volunteer and are active in their community.
They are all very confident in their self- image. They all are lean, well defined and athletic looking in appearance. They express no insecurities regarding body image issues.
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