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1) State and local employees vastly outnumber federal government. 2/3 of the 15 million are at the local level.

2) What are the 5 characteristics of a Bureaucracy? * Chain of command in which authority flows downward * Governor – commissioner of agriculture – divided down to committee * Division of labor in which workers specialize in their tasks * Type of job – Human resources, finance, etc. * Policy area – Agriculture, business, etc. * Clear lines of responsibility * Specific Organizational Goals – every committee has specific goals * Impersonal treatment of all persons equally and according to the rules * Efficiency and equity – have to classify cases and decide quickly and effiencent and have to be fair.
Sources of Bureaucratic Power

3) What is Implementation ?
Putting laws and programs passed by legislature into action. Has choices on who to put in charge , how fast to implement, etc. 4) What is Regulation?
Development of formal rules for implementing legislation a. Bureaucracy takes general goals of legislation and puts greater detail into it to make formal rules. b. Often involves lengthy written rules c. Have to be made open to public before implementation

5) What is Adjudication?
Decision making about individual cases d. How well are people complying with regulations e. How strict and lenient they are is a source of bureaucratic power

6) What is Discretion?
Amount of choice given to bureaucrats f. All of others link back to this. g. Important in all levels of the bureaucracy. h. Street level bureaucrat – person with who we deal with. Example – Police officer pulls you over, has choice to give you warning or ticket.

7) What is Bureaucratic Goals?
Both types of goals push for expansion of Bureaucratic agency i. Personal goal – Bureaucrat wants to