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Professor Crawford
6 January 2013
Presidents in Comparison: Barack Obama
Barack Obama the current president of the United States administration and policies isn’t the same as the formal presidents. Most Presidents come into office with their own agendas. Most of the previous Presidents of The United States are often known for contributions to society. One of greatest accomplishment by President Obama is known as the Obama care. It provides health care for Americans. President Obama sponsored many legislations that were not past or either failed. He support eliminating tax break for oil companies, reducing cause of health care, and reversing tax cuts for rich Americans. President Obama opposes send jobs over sea, he believe job that are in American should stay in American. President Obama has been determined to end the war in Iraq, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. He believe that the wealth should not be able to take advantage of the deduction and loopholes that aren’t available to most Americans. There are many differences and similarity in the administration and policies of President Barack Obama vs New Deal, Jacksonian Democracy, Slavery dilemma, Great Society, and Tickle-down policies by previous Presidents. You will find that President Barack have many similarity and differences to this Presidents.
Andrew Jackson one of the Presidents, who was dealing with the Jacksonian Democracy the political party of equals is not the same today. Jackson was a states' rights advocate. Andrew Jackson and Barack Obama both feel that black men should work but, Jackson felt as if white men should put in more work them black. Barack Obama feel that black and white men should work and receive a education equally but, Jackson doesn’t feel the same. They both have a problem with banking industry. They biggest similarity is their both democratic leader and a part of the party. President Jackson vetoed the second bank in the United States. Jackson tried to reduce the federal debt and became the only president in US history to completely pay off the national debt. Jackson felt like that African American can not be a great help with the work. He feel like that black men can work as hard. But Obama put his faith in all men and judge them equally. Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln don’t have much similarity because Obama don’t too much care for slavery because he feels like black and white men should be treated equally. And the only reason why Lincoln may not be for slavery because black men fought for him in the Civil War. While Obama have to deal with health care reform, Lincoln was state governments in open rebellion.
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama are both democrat and most Americans think they are similar in a way. The New Deal that was created by Roosevelt is similar to the Stimulus of Obama.The Stimulus was created to jumpstart the economy and jobs. Both the Stimulus plan and the New Deal create jobs, so money be proved back into the economy. With Roosevelt New Deal plan it lacked in help with the economy and Great Depression. The number of workers remaining jobless for six months or more soared to levels not seen since the Great Depression. During Roosevelt time it was is to sign a check and give it to the unemployed but, now that Obama is president it seem different. They both feel pressure and stress about spending taxes and giving back to the community and helping. The world today is more difficult to deal with when Roosevelt didn’t go thru all the drama and the attitude of spending. With the New Deal plan it agree and is working with Obama plans.
Lyndon Johnson was always a big fan of aid on education and Medicare and Medicaid. Before the Economic Opportunity Act 1964 most of the nation have lived in poverty and children attending school was lucky to start on time. Barack also is still hold on to the plans and working with great society something that he and Johnson have similar. The Great Society