Govt.: Alternative Energy and Energy Essay

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1. Environ-G will be an environmentally friendly energy company. We shall specialize in alternative energy and cleaner ways to achieve our energy needs through solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy. With the cost of fuel and profits of foreign oil it will be beneficial to have domestic energy, thus creating jobs and cutting back energy costs and less pollution.
2. The energy market is controlled by Oil Companies and other energy methods are uncommon on as large of a scale as our company.
3. Environ-G will be a clean energy company that will help make America self-dependent for energy and will help lower overall prices of goods due to the decrease in fuel as well as creating jobs
4. Corporation, Energy industry, Environ-G
5. There are very few domestic fuel companies; most fuel comes from the Middle East making America dependent on foreign oil. The alternative energy industry is seen in small areas and aren’t the main provider of energy. No one company has been able to meet the needs of the people, low supply low demand.
6. Energy for homes and businesses at a lower fee than using oil, only green energy company.
7. Located in Colorado, the western part of the country tends to be greener than the eastern cities.
8. We will charge 10% less than our competition to encourage the switch from oil to green fuel, for the first year you get an additional 5% off your bill for switching.
9. Because the energy provider is cheaper and much cleaner than oil it will