Grade 9 Theme Essay

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Grade 9 Theme
2.2 Respond to texts p. 8, p. 10
• identify and discuss how timeless themes are developed in a variety of oral, print and other media texts p. 8
• identify and discuss theme and point of view in oral, print and other media texts p. 10
• analyze how the choices and motives of characters portrayed in oral, print and other media texts provide insight into those of self and others p. 10
• relate the themes, emotions and experiences portrayed in oral, print and other media texts to issues of personal interest or significance p. 10
• discuss how techniques, such as irony, symbolism, perspective and proportion, communicate meaning and enhance effect in oral, print and other media texts p. 11

a) Start with distinguishing Theme from the main
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Through a discussion, have students identify the themes "timeless" themes is these classic tails.(Day 2)
 An alternative: have students call out a movie that they are familiar with, something from pop culture i.e. Fast and Furious, 007 Specter, or something of that nature and pull "timeless" themes from this movie. Perhaps by using a movie from pop culture this will make the exercise more relevant.
c) Introduce irony, symbolism, perspective, and communication. This class would be a short lecture (10 min) with a power point explaining the definition and core meaning of these terms. We can look at short clips from movies and T.V shows to establish these concepts in a concert manner. We can also use clips from movies that the students thought of from the previous class to establish these ideas. (Day 3)
d) Use the narrative from the Progymnasmata and have students create their own short fables, which of course will focus on a moral theme, but this is a good way to start students thinking about the concept as a whole. Following the classic Greek outline (see below), students will also have build irony and symbolism into the