Graffiti Persuasive Essay

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Graffiti is one of the few art forms that involves merging the artwork directly to it's environment. Unlike a canvas or sculpture, it's difficult and frowned upon to move an Graffiti art work from its location. Nonetheless, in recent years, one of the most popular Graffiti artist Banksy has produced controversial artworks targeted by numerous galleries and auctioneers to be cut out and preserved. In light of recent events, the Visual Arts Center has gained the privilege to handle and display Banksy's artwork I Remember When all this was Trees. The artwork, Trees is one of Banksy's many works that have sparked the argument of whether it is best to leave Graffiti in its initial location or move it to be sealed and presented. With our new exhibition …show more content…
It's removal from its location and the gallery, has torn the bond between the city and the artwork "We feel the sale of the Banksy is a loss for the arts and culture of Detroit,"( Trickey, Beltmag). A similar case occurred where an artwork by Banksy, Slave Labour, was glorified by the surrounding community and were outraged when it was suddenly removed by a gallery and auctioned off. "Banksy gives these paintings to communities. They're cultural assets."( Williams, Its Art Law). It leaves an uncanny effect to have street art be displayed for the viewing pleasure of high class individuals sold to the highest bidder and no longer the lower class where it originated. Additionally, Trees has gone through a single physical alteration to place it in a "prestige" setting, when Gallery 555 directors cut it out of a brick wall and wood panels were placed on its edges to keep it together. Multiple of Banksy's artworks have had this physical alteration so that they may be sold or displayed. Advocates of graffiti artwork often believe that when this alteration happens it is an act of iconoclasm for it destroys the meaning and life of that artwork by removing it from its