Essay on Grammatical Person and Great Eye Contact

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Tiffany Chulavachana
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I attended the toastmaster meeting on thursday in Clearwater at 545. There were about 15 people there, more than usual they said. The theme was guests.
Longer speeches: Speaker 1
The first speech was about penny pincher. The speaker spoke for 7 minutes and it was the only long speech that was given that day. I thought she did a great job. She really did a good job and getting everyones attention with her opening. She also made everyone laugh a few times. She spoke very well, pausing and making great eye contact. She closed up the speech at the end well too. Out of all the speeches I heard I thought her speech was the best. She walked around the room, used props, and kept it interesting.
Table Topics: Speaker 1
The first table topic was what the importance of toastmaster was. Some of the things she said was to better onself and to have more confidence. The speaker spoke for one minute and twenty-seven seconds. She made sure to make great eye contact. I thought she could have spoken a little bit louder.
Speaker 2
The second table topic was why did you join toastmaster. The speaker spoke for a minute. She said because she had to better speak for her job. She also spoke well, but she had an accent that was hard to understand.
Speaker 3
The third table topic was how has toasmaster helped you improve yourself. I thought the lady that spoke seemed a little nervous. She stood behind the podium, unlike the rest of the people. She didnt move around and voice was kind of monotone. She didnt really pull me in.
One of the things they did at this meeting was call each members up and have them grab an item out of a bag and try to convince us audiences to buy the item. The first person that went up pulled out a toy shoe and tried to sell it us. She did a good job by making us laugh. The second person, who was the president, pulled out clippers. He spoke for over a minute and I thought his voice was loud and he was very entertaining to watch. The third person pulled a fake grapes. He spoke for less than a minute and didnt really say much. Then after we all voted for whoes speech…