Spelling Bee Words Essay

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stellar reckon axle talons heroic stomach patriot episode cabinet murmur uniform racial compass prism wriggle journal assign eyelet tissue posture thermos fashion chorus humane ugliness ransom flannel fragrance prevail sinus weasel oasis quarrel lightning foreground veil midriff munchkin kindergarten marshmallow question bristle delighted echoed therapy mortar intruder terrific curtain calculator blizzard virtue antelope blatant confection reality ingredient fanzine widget recruit airborne peruse genius eclipse unreadable defiantly acrobat clarinet plague tourism waiver imitate larceny altogether toilsome perturb delved cleave mischief interpret exotic laborious defunct audience thermostat pyramid carnival evidence microphone sequel carpenter replete pungent jealousy trespass hurriedly muscular envoy vegetarian damageable accommodation conclusion explanation actually conscience
alcohol conscious fierce although consequence forty analyse/analysis continuous fulfil argument creation furthermore assessment daughter guard atmosphere decide/decision happened audible definite health audience design height autumn development imaginary beautiful diamond improvise beginning diary industrial believe disappear interesting beneath disappoint interrupt buried embarrass issue business energy jealous caught engagement knowledge chocolate enquire listening climb environment lonely column evaluation lovely concentration evidence marriage material potential sincerely meanwhile preparation skilful miscellaneous prioritise soldier mischief process stomach modern proportion straight moreover proposition strategy murmur questionnaire strength necessary queue success nervous reaction surely original receive surprise outrageous reference survey parallel relief technique participation remember technology pattern research texture peaceful resources tomorrow people safety unfortunately performance
Wednesday permanent secondary weight persuade/persuasion separate weird physical sequence women possession shoulder Common homophones and confusions advise/advice choose/chose quiet/quite a lot of cloth/clothe sites/sights affect/effect conscience/conscious source/sauce allowed/aloud course/coarse thank you bought/brought our/are threw/through braking/breaking practise/practice to/too/two

Abscess is a localized collection of pus in tissues of the body.
Accessible means easy to approach
Accommodate is to do a kindness or a favor to; oblige.
Accordion is a musical instrument.
Annulment is the declaration that annuls a marriage.
Appellate is of or pertaining to appeals.
Assassin is a murderer, especially in politics.
Atrium is the central room of an ancient Roman house.
Automaton is another word for a robot.
Baboon is a large monkey found in Africa or Arabia.
Balloon is an inflated bag.
Barbiturate is used to medicine as a sedative.
Barrette is a clasp used to hold a girl's hair in place.
Bassoon is a large woodwind instrument.
Bazaar is a marketplace, especially in the Middle East.
Beige is a very light brown.
Benign is having a kindly disposition.
Bizarre is markedly unusual.
Bobbin is a reel upon which yarn or thread is wound.
Bonsai is a tree that has been dwarfed, as by pruning.
Bough is a branch of a tree.
Bouillon is a clear usually seasoned broth.
Bouquet is a bunch of flowers.
Bursar is a treasurer or business officer.
Butte is an isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly.
Cache is a hiding place.
Calendar is a table of days and weeks in a year.
Camaraderie is good fellowship.
Campaign is a military operation for a specific objective.
Canvass is to solicit votes.
Carafe is a wide-mouthed bottle used to serve beverages.
Caribou is a large, North American deer.
Cataclysm is any