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The Great Escape
I have been faced with the most challenging mission of my life. I have deiced to help as many Jews as possible escape from the Nazi regime.
The year is 1940, WWII is at hand, and I am in Marseilles, France. My goal is to help Jews escape to New York, New York. I will be taking my group of Jews through Spain and over the Atlantic Ocean on a ship to New York. The way I plan to do this is to first obtain money. Second, I will need to slowly build up supplies like food, water, medicine, and clothes. Lastly, I’ll have to acquire disguises for the Jews.
In order to finance the escape, I have a rich faithful friend who is part of the black market funding for Jews and refugees. I know he will be willing to help pay for my cause. Also, prior to leaving, one of the Jewish escapees will counterfeit some money. He developed this skill while counterfeiting the British pound for the Germans. I will start buying the supplies that we will need slowly instead of buying them all at once. Using this strategy, I should be able to avoid suspicion. I will buy extra food, get canteens for drinks, obtain extra clothing in case it becomes cold, and purchase medicine in case someone gets hurt. I have also contacted Si Kaddour Benghabrit, the religious head of the Islamic Center of France. He will help me by providing the Jews with fake identifications. Si Kaddour is also helping with the cause. He has been successfully hiding many Jewish families in the rooms of Paris Mosqueas, as well as in residencies and women's prayer areas. I know he will help me. I will also get them German clothes and teach them to speak some German, just in case we run into some Nazi soldiers.
I plan to have the