Junk Food Essay

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Junk food
By greg
Hello, boys and girls, my name is Ron, and I’m here to tell you a story. A story about what you ask? Well this story is about a boy called Dennis. And in this story Dennis is met by many problems like death, sorrow, loneliness and temptation.
But enough chitter chatter, let’s get on.
This train of pain and misery that was about to descend on Dennis’s life was brought into being on the 24th of March, when his mother walked into his room and rested her arm on his knee. She looked deeply into the black of his eyes and without hesitation or remorse uttered the words “She died.” He being baffled by this sentence hastily said “Who died!” and like a bearer of bad news his mum screamed the word “Grandma!” and then broke down into a crying child with nothing else to say. She could have told him a thousand pieces of good news and it could not mask the pain and sorrow that he felt at that moment.
The funeral was on the 30th of March, Mother’s day. It was like God was kicking them when they were down. His mum went to the funeral in despair. She had lain in bed for the previous six days and had only gotten up to use the bathroom. When she did get up, it was like death was in the house. She would stand at the door with breath and teeth so foul it could kill a rat (she had not brushed her teeth in six days). But though she had made her sadness known, Dennis had not. She probably thought she was the saddest, but let me tell you she was nowhere near as sad as Dennis. Although he had been up and about, he spent his spare time crying in his room, wishing for the (mental) pain to go away. Everyone thought Dennis had been handling the news very well, but inside he was an emotional wreck. He spent his nights wishing it was him. His love for his Grandma was unmeasurable and their bond... unbreakable.
Dennis’s mother had lost the love for life, in fact she had lost the love for everything that had previously given her joy (including Dennis), and hated the things which annoyed her even more (including Pierre). Whose Pierre you ask? Well Pierre was his step-father, and not a very good one at that. Dennis’s mum used to get angry when he called him step-dad because legally he was his dad as his mum had never been married. But Dennis just called him Pierre. Throughout the day’s his mum was getting worse and worse (mentally) and he had not gotten any time to have fun with his friends (he had to rush home from