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Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Career Search * Personal Assessment: * Describe your success or struggles in development (intellectually, not physically)

I can memorize song lyrics, I’m very artistic and I love math and organization.
I have trouble managing my time between school, work, homework, and other chores which stresses me out.

* What type of intelligences do you possess? List and describe?

I know how to work with others and I know when to keep my mouth shut.

* What are you naturally skilled at (have an aptitude for?)

Art. I’m very creative.

* Based on the above questions, what career(s) would suit to you?

Marketing Career, Accounting, Business

* Would you like to have a career that you are not suited for based on your self assessment? If so, why?

I love to do art but I would like to keep it for a hobby so even though I’m artistic I would not like to have an artistic career.

Directions: Go to and begin to look at your career path options. Click on a general area, and then choose the occupation that looks interesting to you. Once you have read the brief description, click on “Occupational Outlook Handbook” on the bottom of the description for each job you want to choose. Use the A-Z index to find a more detailed description. This is also called the “Career Guide to Industries.” You may use this site as well to fill out your information, but you will need it for the statistics portion for each career choice. Here is the direct site address:

Please fill in the following information below for at least 3 career options:
Career # 1 Job Title- | Accountant | What is this job like (summarize)?(3-5 sentences) | Prepare and examine financial records to make sure they are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. Work 40+ hours a week. | How do you get ready? | Bachelors Degree in accounting or related field | How much does it pay? | About 60,000/year. | How many jobs are there? | 1,216,900 | What about the future? | 16% | Are there other jobs like this? | Yeah. | Occupational Outlook Handbook Questions * What was the most recent employment in that field? * Is this job growing, stagnant or shrinking in number? * What type of education is required? | Growing.Bachelors Degree |

Career # 2 Job Title- | Landscape Architect | What is this job like (summarize)?(3-5 sentences) | Design land areas for parks, recreational facilities, highways, airports, and other properties. Includes subdivisions and commercial, industrial, and residential. | How do you get ready? | Every state requires architects to be licensed. | How much does it pay? | About 60,000 |