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The French Revolution
Tennis Court Oath- June 20, 1789. Third Estate Delegates were locked out of there meeting room. They broke down a door to an indoor tennis court pledging to stay until they had made a new constitution
Storming of Bastille- July 14, 1789. State prison was attacked by a angry mob, the prison was a symbol of monarch rule. The storming of Bastille set the tone for the French Revolution.
Great Fear and the peasant revolt- July 19- August 3, 1789. Wide-spread panic among the peasants that the nobles had hired outlaws to terrorize them. Peasants began to revolt and burn manors.
Declaration of the Rights of Man- August 26, 1789. Said that all men have "natural rights" and the purpose of government is to preserve those rights.
Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette's Execution- January 21, 1793 and October 16, 1793. He was tried for high treason and found guilty by all and sentenced to death. She was executed later that same year. He was the first victim of the reign of terror
Reign of Terror and The Committee of Public Safety- September 1793-July 1794 and March 1794. The reign of terror was a time of violence that occurred after the start of the French Revolution. Many enemies were executed. Committee of Public Safety was a political body of the French Revolution that gained all doctoral control over France during the reign of terror.
Robespierres's insurrection, arrest and execution- Fell March 1794, Arrested and executed July 1794. A fraction of the