Essay on Grocery Gateway

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Problem Statement
Grocery Gateway would like to increase their deliveries from 2.7 to 4 per hour. Dominique Van Voorhis, vice president of industrial engineering and operations systems, must provide recommendations for improving and optimizing the delivery operations.

Situation Analysis

Grocery Gateway, founded in 1997 by Bill Nardo, is Canada’s largest direct online grocer and provides its services to residents of the Greater Toronto area (GTA). The company provides approximately 6,500 items including dry goods, health and beauty products, alcoholic beverages, fresh produce and frozen foods on their website at competitive prices.

Company Objective
Grocery Gateway provides high levels of
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| | |wide variety | |
|Where | | | | |
|When |Several times per month |A few times per month |A few times per month |A few times per month |
|Why |Convenience, limited |To maximize family time,|Convenience, time |Convenience, limited |
| |mobility or no |time saving |saving, don’t have to |transportation |
| |transportation | |bring kids to store | |
|How | | | | |
|Determining Dimensions |
|Benefits Sought |Dependability, reliability, |Convenience, freshness |Convenience, cost, |Convenience of not |
| |freshness, cost | |variety |having to carry their |
| | | | |purchases home |