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Case 2 Continuous Improvement for a Nursing Service
Group 2
Zijun Huang, Yao Xi, Xiaokang Bao, Weihan Chen
Florida International University

The Health Care Dashboard
From the beginning our group would talk about the health care dashboard. Some people might never hear about the health care dashboard. You can comprehend the health care dashboard as the car’s dashboard, and from the health care dashboard you can get a lot of your department’s information.
Dashboard development in health care adapts a corporate concept for tactically organizing key measures, data sources, and time frames. The table format enables users to view information from a variety of sources in a single place. Dashboards can be multilayered performance management tools to enable organizations to measure, monitor, and manage business activities using both financial and nonfinancial measures. The dashboard concept can be applied as a mechanism to monitor and manage a variety of clinical activities in an organization and provides a systematic way to learn from past experiences and adjust plans accordingly.
The indicators on the dashboards are periodically swapped for new ones. Indicators may be changed if the unit's staff members feel their performance is so consistently high on an objective that it is time to focus on a new objective or improvement opportunity. Or they may add a new indicator based on a new National Patient Safety Goal or innovation in nursing science.
Our group want to list some items in the summary dashboard such as nursing hours, intern nurse percentage, and number of patients per nurse, all of these items are relative to nursing mistake, and it’s no deny that a high nursing mistake will lead to a terrible nursing service.
As far as we are concerned the quality control of nursing serve is very important. Most staff nurses might have no idea of their daily serve. But they could look at a dashboard that tells them at a glance whether their unit is meeting objectives or still has work to do.
Measures of the Nurse
1. Nursing Hours
Nursing hours is deeply related to the mistake of the nursing service. It reflects the workload of the nurse which strongly influences the probability of the mistakes. Because the workload will directly influences the probability of the mistake. If the nursing hours are too much for a nurse, the quality of the service will decrease and the probability of the mistake will increase. If there are two nurses, nurse A works 4 hours a day, nurse B works 12 hours a day. It is not doubt that B has much more workload than A and the probability of the nursing service mistake will increase. Therefore, nursing hour should be put into the dashboard because it is an important factor that relates to the mistake of the nursing service and can be used to reflect some reason of the nursing mistake.
There are different kinds of nurses in the HCO, so it is necessary to specifically define different nurses when analyzing the nursing hours’ problem. The capabilities can be depended on the educations and the trainings. Theoretically speaking, the performance of the RN should be the best, the second should be LPN/LVN, and the last should be UAP. Different percents of different kinds of nurse in the nursing service would make different influence in the probability of the mistake.
RN Nursing Hours (%)
RN (Diploma in nursing) must receive “hospital-based program of three years post-high school qualifying, but not the baccalaureate degree.”(Kenneth R. White and John R. Griffith, 2010). RN is a kind of nurse that requires the most when comparing to the other kinds of nurse. Therefore, the more percentages of the nursing hours should reduce the probability of the mistake.
LPN/LVN Nursing Hours (%):
LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)/LVN (licensed vocational nurse) must receive “ne-year junior college program” (Kenneth R. White and John R. Griffith, 2010). LPN/LVN the middle required kind nurse, the