Management Of The Lodgement Of A Rezoning And DA For The Environment

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1 Introduction 2
1.1 Background 2
1.2 stakeholder 2
1.3 Financial statement 3
1.4 Main tasks 3
1.5 SWOT analysis 3
2 Issues related to the local council and the local member 4
2.1 environment issues 4
2.2 Negative effects on economy of residents 6
3 The analysis of the management company 8
3.1 Identifying the project plan 8
3.2 Meeting the requirement of stakeholders 9
3.3 Managing third parties 9
3.4 Management of the lodgement of a rezoning and DA for the land 10
3.5 The issue of the trust 10
4. Local council and local member 11
4.1 noticing the sustainable benefits of the project 11
4.2 signing valid consideration 11
4.3 signing legal contracts 11
4.4 involving barristers and lawyers 12
4.5. Obtaining DA 12
4.6 DA forms 12
4.7 Owners' consent 12
4.8 Required fees 13
4.9 Scaled drawings 13
4.10 Digital copies 13
4.11 Statement of Environmental Effects 13
5 Conclusion 13
Reference 14

1 Introduction
1.1 Background
This project is aimed at rezoning, development approval and construction in Sydney suburb, the details of this project can be summarized as follows:
A middle-ring Sydney suburb about 16 km from the Sydney CBD
Total budget and profit:
The total budget is $2.0 Billion
Current stage:
The consolidated land parcel has been formed through the purchasing and collecting house by the Trust. 1.2 stakeholder
The stakeholder analysis are described as follows:
Table 1.1 stakeholder analysis
Main Issues
Possible Strategies
Management company
- reach the agreement of project plan
- identify the project scope and meet the requirement of stakeholders
- managing third parties
- Planning the project through assessment
The Trust
- engaged to manage the lodgement of a rezoning and DA for the land
- follow the Trust Deed and annual reporting and compliance obligations
- Sign Trust Deed
- sign Valid consideration and contracts
- follow the copyright law
The houses owners acceptance of rezoning the worksite and conduct the project
- finical compensation
- sign valid contract’s
- using barristers and lawyers
State Government obtain the authority and support
- oral contracts
- authority permission
Planning and Assessment Commission (PAC) obtain the rezoning concession and development approval
- through application local Council and local members reach the agreement of the project planning
- noticing the sustainable benefits of the projects
- sign Valid consideration
- sign legal contracts (subcontracts if necessary)
- Involving barristers and lawyers if necessary
1.3 Financial statement
The general finical statement of this project can be shown as follows:

Based on the formula and the $150 million dollars budget of the project, both debt and equity can be gained, which are $56.25 million and $93.75 million. While the maximum amount of $56.25 million can gained from outer resources, $93.75 million can be supported by The Trust Deed Company.
There are three methods to collect funds which are loan from bank, corporation bond from public and equity (share). $56.25 million is resulted from public, which is the debt. The debt-free land can be utilized as grantee when loan from bank.
After collect funds, the financial resources can be divided reasonably into rezoning, development approval and construction (as table 1.2 indicated).
Table 1.2 Financial Statement
Budgets (million $)
Total budget
development approval (DA)

Major structure

Mechanical & electrical installation

Municipal Engineering


1.4 Main tasks
Reaching the agreement of project plan in Management Company.
Sign the trust deed and contract with the Trust and conduct the
Reaching the agreement of the project with local council and local members.
Obtaining the acceptance of rezoning on the field from the house owners.
Obtain the rezoning concession and development approval (DA) from Planning and Assessment Commission (PAC).
Conduct the project.
1.5 SWOT analysis