Growth Mindset By Carol Dweck Analysis

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In order to be successful, one must always be willing to improve if they make a mistake.

This can be defined as a “Growth” Mindset. Being in this state of mind is beneficial because as

humans, we may make mistakes along the way. With the Growth Mindset, we are able to

recognize where we went wrong, learn from that mistake, improve, and eventually achieve our

goals. Paired with a trait that displays the willingness to persevere until one had achieved their

goal, success is now inevitable. This trait is called “Grit”. Being gritty helps person with

“growth” mindset succeed because with the ability to understand one’s current position in a

situation, Grit gives that person the will to endure and overcome an obstacle. Grit and “growth”
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Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving what

you know you can”. For some reason, her words had such an effect on me and from that point

on, I decided to persevere and regardless of how difficult and painful the year was, I managed to

graduate with a 94 GPA. Without the ability to be gritty and endure that year even though I

wanted to give up, I would not have graduated on time.

In the article “Mindset” by Carol Dweck, the author describes “growth” mindset to be the

“Belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts”. In other

words, having a “growth” mindset implies that one has the ability to acknowledge and

understand an area in which can improve, then proceeds to do better as opposed to blaming

others. When I was in the 10th grade, I had taken on the roll of my dreams in my acting life,

“Dorothy”, in The Wiz. As excited as I was, I almost gave it up. This is because during the

course of this school year, I was putting so much time into this show that I began to spend less

time on my school work. I began using “the burden of the rehearsal schedule” as an excuse for

not doing my homework sometimes. After multiple talks with some of my teachers I
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blaming my participation in the show, I was blaming my director whom everyone knew, put

education first. I acknowledged that I had to do make the conscious effort to do better in school

by prioritizing with my schedule, and proceeded to do so. As a result my grades began to get

better and I still got to perform in April

In conclusion, being gritty and having a “growth” mindset work together because while

one helps a person to understand their mistakes or areas of improvement, the other supports that

understanding and gives that person the willingness to keep going until that a is achieved or skill