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Denadria Willingham
Dr. Randy Miller
8 March 2015 On Saturday March 8, 2015, Georgia State University Men’s Basketball wins over rivals
Georgia Southern University earning the 1st place title of the Sun Belt Regular Season
Conference for the second year in a row. This game was one of the biggest games of the year being that it was the game played on our home turf, Senior Day which honored the players that would be departing the team this year, and the biggest reason of all, we were playing our rivals the Georgia Southern University
Eagles. This led to a sold out arena leaving many without the chance to experience the well awaited game. According to a Georgia State student, “Friends were invited to the game but couldn’t go because of the quick sale of tickets.” she said. As game day fell upon the busy campus of Georgia State, the streets and the arena began to fill with students, staff, faculty, parents, fans, Eagles, and Panthers; all showcases their spirit and eager to prove why their school is as many would say, “The real GSU.” The Panthers led more of the game with a steady nine point lead but after a couple of missed free throws, the Eagles began to catch up making the lead just up by four. As each side cheered, a young man from Georgia Southern said to his fellow schoolmate, “I knew they couldn’t keep it up.” Instead of losing hope and letting the lead get closer, the GSU Panthers used this as ammunition and in the end prevailed over the