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Liang Ming
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Paper 5 Gutter oil In modern society, the food safety and shortage of energy become tow big problem for this world. Gutter oil begin go into people’s spotlight, it is the main reason of Chinese food safety problem. The Gutter oil, recycled oil can be a kind of reuse energy if people use it in right way. Unfortunately, recycled oil as a kind of new energy rarely seen in China. The food safety is a big problem in now days’ China. In “Food Control V41” by Fang qi, and Xuli, author said, Food safety is a huge problem in now days’ China, since 2010 more and more people crime because of they make, sale unhealthy foods. The number of this kind of crime increased 179.8% and 224.6% in 2011 and 2012. On the other hand, the number of people who got legal penalties were growth 159.9% and 257.5%. (Fangqi, Xuli) It shows that the number of people who make unhealthy food is increasing. The safety of food cannot be guaranteed in China. What is “Gutter oil”, how can we definite gutter oil? In Fangqi and Xuli’s essay, they said, in China, The gutter oil usually means a kind of illegal cooking oil. People make some simple processes to waste oil from hotels, and fry some animal’s body or fat to pick up gutter oil. The gutter oil also can be reuse oil. For example, fried oil which already used one time. (Fangqi, Xuli) These information expand what is gutter oil. Gutter oil and recycled oil means people use these oil more than one time. The gutter oil is very dangerous if people use it in restaurant. The gutter oil and other unsafe foods may kill people if people eat them. What is the reason people do not care others health when the use gutter oil to cook? Because they can get more benefits, use gutter oil will reduce the fix cost of cook, the price of gutter oil is cheaper than normal cooking oil. Unhealthy foods really did bad influence at China. In recent years, a lot of issues related to food safety appear at China. BBC news have a report “Mass arrests in China illegal 'gutter oil' police sting”. In this article, the author said, in 2008, there have some infants were died and about 300,000 people got ills because of the unsafety milk product. The milk company use a kind of industrial chemical to make there product’s color looks whiter. This is the most dangerous food safety case in China so far. Now, about 10% cooking oil on market is gutter oil. The illegal marketing of gutter oil become a huge problem in China’s society. This problem make many Chinese panic. People use gutter oil to be cooking oil because the company can get huge benefit, the cost of make gutter oil is much cheaper than normal cooking oil. (BBC) These are bad effects of gutter oil and other unsafe food if people use them in restaurant and market. These actives are too dangerous for people’s health. Many people died or got ills because these unsafety food products. This is how serious of Chinese food safety problem, unsafe food may kill people, people who made unhealthy food products did really bad influence for this society. It is a cancer of China.
The society must stop these actives, so the Chinese government decides use heavy punishments to against unsafe foods user. I believe punish the illegal actives is a good solution to let people do not use gutter oil make bad effects. In the essay “China sentences man to death for making gutter oil” The author said:
A Chinese court on Tuesday sentenced a man to death and two others to life imprisonment for producing and selling dirty cooking oil, state media reported. The black-market trade of recycled kitchen oil known as "gutter oil," which can contain carcinogens, has been a chronic problem in China. The official Xinhua News Agency said the court in Jinan city in eastern Shandong province also sentenced seven other defendants in the case to five to 15 years in prison and fined them each up to 2 million Yuan ($330,000). Xinhua said three