Hae Min Lee Case Study

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On January 13, 1999, a high schooler named Hae Min Lee was murdered. Police instantly questioned Adnan Syed, her ex-boyfriend, and many others that may be associated with the case. Everyone stated what they knew about the murder but all the pieces contradicted one another. Is Adnan innocent or guilty? The case of Hae Min Lee disappearing striked everyone. It was an ordinary day until Hae’s cousin’s family noticed she didn't pick her cousin up. Adnan Syed, ex-boyfriend of Hae’s and Jay Wilds, someone whose associated with the murder are two suspects that could have murdered Hae. Sarah Keonig, an investigator from Serial Podcast, is curious about what really happened and reopened the case practically 15 years later. She uncovers many new details about the case and finds shocking evidence about what might really have happened. After investigating, it is clear that …show more content…
Looking back, Adnan is not guilty because he was a well respected student and had a good reputation. With a good reputation, nobody would ever consider him as a liar due to all the good actions he’s done in the past. Having a clear witness with reliable evidence proves Adnan didn’t kill Hae. How could Adnan be at two places at the same time when there's a dependable witness who without doubt was with Adnan? Jay even confessed to an investigator all of his lies and confirmed he could be a suspect. Since Jay admitted to his lies, does that mean he killed Hae or that he was trying to get the easy way out and just be honest? Overall, Adnan has many reasons that backup his innocence and they can all be confirmed by at least one other person. As shown above, innocent people can still go to jail for not doing