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Women Hair Loss
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Women Hair loss is a medical problem and clients need to know the medical disease and conditions that cause hair loss. Cosmetic solution should be use after clients had a medical diagnosis. An example of a Diagnostic techniques is “The hair pull test, hand-held epiluminescent microscopy and global photography are valuable in the diagnosis and management of this condition. The hair pull test is an examination technique that crudely assesses active hair shedding” (Singal, A., Sonthalia, S., & Verma, P., 2013). Some medical conditions are Telogen effluvium , Hyperandrogenism, Scarring alopecia, Trichotillomania and Alopecia areata. Many clients want to know if there is a cure for most of the listed disease and conditions. After a medical diagnosis clients may ask questions like, should I stop using my hair styling products? What are the temporary products and solution for hair loss? Clients need to know that hair transplantation surgery is a great option for hair loss. There are also medical solutions like Minoxidil. Understanding the causes and solution to hair loss will help you view it more as a medical condition then a cosmetic problem.Causes and Solutions to Women Hair Loss
Every year six million women suffer from some type of hair loss. When hair loss is noticed, women automatically contact their hair stylist for tips and solutions. After researching this topic, I notice that hair loss is more of a medical problem then a cosmetology problem. Therefore, women who suffer from hair loss should view it as a medical condition and seek cosmetic solutions after the medical condition has been diagnosed.
Hair is a very important part of how a woman looks and how she views herself. Many women self-esteem is a reflection of how they feel and look. Hair loss can have a negative effect on women self-esteem. Female pattern hair loss is generally less severe than male pattern hair loss, but the blow to the woman’s self-esteem is far greater.
Women’s hair loss is very common; doctors say it is just as common as male hair loss. Unfortunately, women’s hair loss is not as acceptable as men’s. Many women try covering up their hair loss with hair prosthesis. Women who don’t realize that there is a medical problem that is causing the hair loss my never find a solution to their problem because cosmetics solutions are not cures. According to Sabbagh (1999), “Hair loss may point to serious underlying causes, including thyroid or liver disease, drug toxicity, and hepatic or renal failure, said Dr. Drake, chair and professor, department of dermatology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center”. Hair loss is the first sign for many men and women, when they discover a health problem they didn’t even know they had. Causes of hair loss
Most people say that they have hair loss because of stress, but research shows that stress is hardly ever the cause of hair loss. “Stress is seldom related to hair loss. Only severe stress causes telegenic effluvia, she explained, such as that experienced after the death of a loved one or an acute psychotic break” Sabbagh, L. (1999). People who have lost a love one or a job can have hair loss due to the level of stress they are under but it is very rare. Most times at the salon hair stylist, hear women saying that they are having hair loss because of stress. In the salon, it is accepted as a leading cause because hair stylists have no medical knowledge.
Many women make a large amount of the male hormones called androgens. The condition is called Hyperandrogenism. Hyperandrogenism is also a very big cause of hair loss in women. According to American academy of dermatology,(2010). “The most common cause of hyperandrogenism in women is functional ovarian hyperandrogenism, also known as polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition to hair loss, other signs of this female