Bulimia Nervosa and Normal Eating Habits Essay

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Bulimia Nervosa 1

Bulimia Nervosa

Nicole Erlandson

Broward College

July 21, 2013

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Eating disorders are much more common then people think. Bulimia Nervosa,

more commonly known as bulimia or binge and purge disorder, is one of the many.

Although people assume it is simply a physical or mental disorder, it most defiantly is

not. It’s a very serious and dangerous disorder that causes people to perform

inappropriate behavior to loose or control weight. Bulimia is a disease that affects both

the mind and the body and even a person’s soul. In its course it leaves an emotionally

toll not only on it’s victims but also his or her family and friends. This essay will focus

on the physical and psychological effects of someone who is an victim of Bulimia


Eating disorders, such as Bulimia, doesn’t select who it will affect but it’s not

uncommon for victims to fall under certain categories. The most vulnerable are young

females between the ages of 12 to 21. The disease can affect those at a later age or as

early as elementary schoolers and may have ties with those who have clinical or manic

depression. Others such as athletes or those raised in an environment where appearance

is important may be pressured into bulimic habits. Those who have experienced verbal,

emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse are often linked as victims of Bulimia. Victims

may start off anorexia before turning into an bulimic or vise versa.

Bulimia Nervosa 3

Bulimic’s emerge themselves into obsessive cycles of which they starve

themselves for extended periods of time prior to massive binging. These binges are

followed by purging which can be achieved by vomiting, laxatives, diuretics and

excessive exercising. Bulimics are normally within their expected weight range but they

see themselves as being overweight or are terrified of gaining weight. It’s not uncommon

for an bulimic to weight itself several times a day. They also experience an emotional

cycle of guilt, pain and depression. The cycle becomes an outlet for them and often set

high severe standards to live to. Bulimics often refuse to eat in front of people or will

avoid meals and take frequent trips to the bathroom to vomit.

Bulimia is a disease that affects the whole body. Excessive vomiting can lead

to stomach ulcers that are trigger from the stomach acid. Female bulimics can

experience the loss of their menstrual cycle. After several months of the cycle it’s not

uncommon for victims to experience dry skin and hair and even notice their hair falling

out. Because of lack of nutrients bones begin to weaken and other organs begin to not

function properly. The stressfulness of forcing food out of the stomach can put a lot of

strain of an individual’s heart which can lead to heart palpitations. Over an extensive

continuously time of abuse as other organs begin to work improperly other organs begin

to shut down. But the aids to bulimia have very hazardous side effects on the body too.

Diuretic pills can lead to dehydration and to heart irregularities, and