Hallucinogens as Medicine Essay

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Hallucinogens as Medicine
Melody Gambino
Psychology 101

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The article discusses research on the use of hallucinogens for medical therapies applicable to cancer, drug addiction, and psychological problems. Studies being undertaken at Johns Hopkins University are discussed. Johns Hopkins' research on hallucinogens includes assessment of the drug's psychospiritual effects among volunteers and its use in easing psychiatric and behavioral disorders in those so affected.

Hallucinogens as Medicine 3 A new wave study on hallucinogens, and other mind-altering substances, was organized to address whether these
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Even after careful screening and at least eight hours of preparation with a clinical psychologist, about a third of the participants experienced some period of significant fear and about a fifth felt paranoia sometime during the session. But in the comfortable setting, none of the participants encountered long lasting ill effects.
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Beyond the Johns Hopkins participants, the research didn’t end there. Thousands of more subjects had participated in the study of hallucinogens and some of these studies hinted that hallucinogens could help treat substance addiction such as cigarette smoking, drinking, and other substances. As well, the studies also hinted at relief in the psychological distress of terminal illness. More than 200 cancer patients received hallucinogens in a series of clinical studies, and the patients developed “"a peculiar disregard for the gravity of their situations and talked freely about their impending death with an affect considered inappropriate in our Western civilization but most beneficial to their psychic states." Coincidently, the research had to come to a halt because media covered that the hallucinogens, which mostly consisted of LSD had been leaked and were being used for recreational uses. It is apparent that there were obvious restriction placed on the