Hamlet Essay

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In my opinion , I think that Hamlet was more

On the mad side wether than being insane.

Of course he saw a ghost and was acting

completely out of hand about his fathers

death, it was all just an act ! He seemed

Insane to everyone else because once he

figured out who actually killed his father

he felt the need to get payback . He is

Keeping this idea away from everyone

so that he could see if he wants to actually

Seek revenge and how would he do that .

Remember now , an insane person which is

one who is in need of medication is the total

opposite of Hamlet , he knew exactly what

Was going on the whole time . There's a plot

Though . Throughout the story Hamlet

pretends to be insane and even dies acting

out this façade of foolishness. It seems at first that

Hamlet is just acting but then it appears that

he does go truly insane. Even after he has

gathered evidence against Claudius, he

continues to behave strangely. When he

murders Polonius, thinking that he is

Claudius, he does not react to his actions in

the manor in which a sane person would.

This act enrages Laertes who then desires to

avenge his fathers death by slaughtering

Hamlet. The death of Claudius by the hands

of Hamlet also contributes to the dismay of

Ophelia. In these ways, Hamlet's insanity

contributes to the overall tragedy of the play.

Hamlet was indeed yet a very clever man ,

He played his whole throughout all that he

Accomplished so that his plan could actually

Work and it did , this is all what hamlet

Carried out in his plan: he drives away his

only love, he's unable to take…