Hamlet Essay

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Brandon Thomas
19 December 2012

Zefferelli vs. Branagh vs. Almereyda

The following three movies were made in different ways to show different points of views in order to explain the story of Hamlet in different aspects. Zefferelli used a setting that took place in the late 1500’s. Then Branagh used a setting in the early 1800’s. Lastly Almereyda used the most recent time period for this play.
Almereyda's version was the most recent one, made in the second millennium. This theme was taken in a more relatable and light-hearted setting, in a video store. Hamlet, the character of the story, was a younger man who could not get the movie of his choice. He wondered around the store thinking “to live, or to die” with extremely serious facial expressions. This version was made for a younger audience in order to tell the story of Hamlet with a more relatable theme. The Blockbuster setting brings a more present setting. It gives the effect that it was made to more understand Hamlet while using Shakespeare’s language.
Zefferelli’s version of Hamlet seems to be the most often remembered. The time period was the 1500’s and the clothing of people was quite different and helped create a desperate theme. This scene takes place in the catacombs, an area where deceased people were placed for their final resting. The background in this scene is set very well because it uses a depressing, tomblike atmosphere that supports the "To Be or Not To Be" speech that Hamlet so ponders