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You may compare/contrast two characters, works or authors from different cultures and eras that we have studied this semester. The purpose will be to explore an important theme or cultural concept that we have discussed this semester. The characters, authors, and works that you reference in your paper must be ones that we have studied this semester. YOU MAY NOT COMPARE THE BIBLE AND THE KORAN UNLESS YOU PLAN TO READ BOTH OF THEM IN THEIR ENTIRIETY. You may choose a traditional research paper or a dramatic sketch. This project requires a minimum of TWO research sources, one for each character/work/author, and must be used in the paper.
As part of your project, you must include background information that will provide historical, biographical, or cultural context. You are required to use two sources that will provide you with the material, and within your project, you must use the MLA documentation format to reference your use of this information. You should have resource information for each of the characters or authors you use, and you should use the resource for each at least once in the sketch (that means two citations). Your research should examine some aspect of the characters/authors/pieces that you can evaluate and discuss in the essay. You must list these sources in a Works Cited page, and you cannot use your text as one of these sources. You should let me know two weeks in advance who or what you will be researching/writing about.
You may use only 1 (one) internet source. The internet source that you use MUST be an academic source (.edu). Do not use a .edu~ website. The ~ means that a student posted the information. You may NOT use Norton Anthology, the complete text from which we read part of a work, an encyclopedia, notes or summaries (Sparknotes etc.), or the Bible as primary sources. All of your sources must be academic sources. If you do not understand what sources are considered academic, ASK! Wikipedia is not an acceptable source under any circumstances. You need a reference for each piece, character or author that you use, and you need to use the references for each at least once in your writing. You need to carefully consider your choices; this paper requires ACADEMIC sources for research. If your sources are not academic sources, you cannot be successful in this project. You may NOT compare Jesus and Socrates. You will have difficulty finding academic sources about Jesus so I strongly suggest that you reconsider if you are considering writing about Jesus.
Trojan war foiguht for prode hated agnomon wasn’t fighting for the war just for pride –

Comparing and Contrasting Hamlet and Achilles
Brit Jones

The characters of Hamlet and Achilles, even though from very different time periods, encompass many of the same themes and characteristics. These two characters have many close comparisons, but upon closer inspection they differ on a grand scale. This is immanently due mainly to the time period and culture that each character was submersed in and how each character was supposed to act and to extenuate the main essence of the individual culture.
Achilles was considered one of, if not, greatest warrior of the Trojan War in Homer’s Iliad. What made Achilles such an honorable hero was the fact that he fought for his own pride, not the desire to conquer the war. Although throughout the war, Achilles character flaws impede his ability to fight and act with integrity. His insurmountable rage is the epitome of these flaws, showing vibrantly through his rage for Agamemnon and ultimately destroying his integrity. His never ending lust for glory is the reason why his rage surmounts from a poisoned pride, which is his real Achilles’ heel. This arrogance leads him to becoming slightly obsessed with retaining his pride and not letting anyone slight his bravado. To uphold his name and pride, he mauls his opponents without remorse, heroically takes on the river Xanthus, and