Handheld gaming is my passion Essay

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Andres Rebaza
English 1301
Fred L. Taulbee
December 1, 2014 “You Should Buy a Playstation Vita”

Handheld gaming is my passion. There is no finer handheld than the Playstaion Vita. The Playstaion Vita is a Power house of a portable system and I love it. No other handheld can equal the graphical power or even the quality of gaming that the Ps Vita can produce. When the Ps Vita was released I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. From all the hype from Sony and the other gaming news websites, I couldn’t wait. My love for handhelds stems from when I was a kid. From the Sega Game Gear, which I still think was a much better handheld than the Nintendo Gameboy, to the Playstation Portable (PSP). Great gaming in the palm of your hand. Who could resist taking a game with you where ever you go. On Febuary the 22nd of 2012, it had arrived and it didn’t disappoint. Sony gave the masses the greatest portable gaming handheld to have walked the face of this planet. Once I opened the box it was as if a ray of light struck me in the face. The games were amazing. The Graphics were out of this world. The screen itself was a thing of beauty. I convinced a few of my battle buddies to also get their own so we can play multiplayer games thru a feature on the Ps Vita called ADHOC mode. What was cool about that is they were in their room while I was in my room, in my bunk and we were not even online. Now that’s one of the cool features theirs still more to come.
Gaming on the Ps Vita is no laughing matter. The games are almost in comparison with the Playstation 3. Now the Playstion 3 is a home console and not only that it was, in its generation before the Playstion 4, the most powerful home console in gaming. That means when playing your Ps Vita, you’re playing home console quality games in the palm of your hand. “Uncharted Golden Abyss”, that title alone speaks wonders of the quality of games on the Ps Vita. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was a title that came out side by side with the Ps Vita. If you’re a gamer or maybe played a few Playstion games, you would know that the “Uncharted” series on the Playstion 3 is a graphical powerhouse with a rich and super engaging storyline and tight controls. It’s as if your playing a movie. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was no different. This game was etremely fun, storyline was super engaging and it was pure eye candy to look at. To be honest, it really looked like you hand a Playstation 3 game in your Ps Vita. So let’s say the 3rd person action adventure game is not your thing, like Uncharted. Well the Ps Vita also has First Person Shooters as well. Killzone, another flagship title for the Playstation brand. The Killzone franchise is synonymous with being the best in graphics and game play. Killzone Mercenaries is no different. This First Person Shooter is a monster on the Ps Vita. Made with the same graphical engine as its older brother, Killzone 3. The feeling of being able to play a First Person Shooter like Killzone Mercenaries on the go is amazing. Not only that if your near a good Wi-Fi connection you can play online multiplayer. The online multiplayer on Killzone Mercenaries is super fast and intense. There is no other handheld experience like this on any other device.
The design and graphical power of the Ps Vita is no laughing matter. The Ps Vita has a multitude of functions, so I’m going to start from the outside in. Now hold on to your seats and don’t hold your breath because u might pass out. The Ps Vita has a 5 inch OLED multi touch display. OLED screen can produce up to 17 million colors and is full H.D.(High Definition). If u need to take pictures the Ps vita can help u with that because it has two. A front facing camera if u want to Skype with friends and family and a rear camera to take pictures of your precious moments. The system itself has the basic Playstation button configuration. The classic D pad and the standard start and select buttons. The L and R shoulder triggers and of course the…