Hank Williams Jr. Essay

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Hank Williams Jr. also known as "Bocephus," is a public icon to the country music world. You can't bring up country music legends without mentioning Hank Williams Jr. Since Williams was born the public have had their eye on him; he is the son of the famous Hank Williams, a man who some may credit as "the father of country music" (Event-in-Music). Along with this, Williams has earned his popularity through his trademark mix of Southern rock and the blues (Country Standard Time) a style that has attracted a huge fan base. However, people don't only know Williams for his music and his father's name. He also has an interesting view on politics that he makes well known throughout the media. Through his songs, interviews, and concerts Williams has made his die-hard Republican ideals loud and clear to the public. Hank Williams Jr. started his career with songs that closely resembled his fathers. These songs talked about a simple way of life out in the country. Just like many people from out in the country, Williams wants to "keep the government out of his business." He doesn't speak out the government or any sort of politics until later on his career, particularly when Barrack Obama took office. In an album called Old Country New Rules William's political views, for the first time, is heard through his guitar and voice. In this album, Hank Williams Jr. openly addresses today's politics and has no hesitation in speaking out against America's government and President Barrack Obama. In Williams's song, "Keep the Change" he talks about the troubles America faces and "we know who to blame" (Old Country New Rules)for them, pointing the finger at President Barrack Obama. He feels that under Barrack Obama this country is, "going down the drain" (Old Country New Rules). While addressing some of the rights he feels Obama is trying to take away, he rebels against it with the phrase "I'll keep my freedom-I'll Keep my guns-Try to keep my money-And my religion too" (Old Country New Rules). The Republicans have been accusing the Democrats of trying to remove these rights for the past decade. Under President Obama, Williams believes the country is becoming the "United Socialist States of America" (Old Country New Rules) because of Obama's policies that distribute wealth to the poor while raising taxes on the rich. Williams shows he is one of many Republicans that believe Obama is a Socialist. Throughout the song Williams mocks President Obama's famous campaign slogan "change" by stating Obama and his supporters can "keep the change" (Old Country New Rules). In this song, he shows a lot of hate for the President and shows that he will not stand for his policies and ideas. He believes the country is spiraling into disaster under him and he will not stand for it. Another song in his album called "We don’t apologize for America," Williams furiously points out Obama's repeated apologies for America. Throughout his presidency, Obama has apologized to several nations for America's actions, claiming we were both "dictating" and "arrogant" (Washington Free Beacon Staff). In this song, Williams repeats, "No, we don't apologize for America" (Old Country New Rules) and shows who he is blaming for the apologies with the phrase, "Hey Obama, one more time" (Old Country New Rules). Hank Williams Jr. supports a strong foreign policy that recognizes America as a strong super power that can't be messed with. He disagrees with just about everything Obama has done and this song directly points out one of those things. Along with Obama, Williams also lashes out at the Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA in his song, "Take back the Country." He talks about the simpler times when people could just build a house where they pleased with no hassle from the government or the EPA. However, now a day, "the EPA says no" (Old Country New Rules). In disagreement with the EPA Williams goes to his commonly said phrase," Don’t tread on me!"