Essay on Hardware Failures

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What is a hardware failure?

Hardware failures are when a main system component (necessary component) has malfunctioned such as the cpu and the memory which is also known as ram. A peripheral is a input device such as a mouse or a keyboard which is necessary to control and access different functions of your pc. They are connected to the cpu via a cable. A hardware failure can affect a business as it could affect the businesses profits by not allowing customers to make transactions etc… Hardware failures could also prevent a system from functioning correctly. This could also make the system vulnerable to malware and hackers trying to access personal data.

Examples of a hardware failure
Hardware failure can occur at anytime. There are many times of hardware failure which make us vulnerable. These include speakers failure. If there are no speakers you cant hear anything which means you cant video call,watch videos,listen to things and experience the device fully. A keyboard can also fail and this might disallow you to even enter your password which means you cannot access your data or experience your device. It also make the user experience very limited. A mouse is also very important as the mouse controls where you move on the screen. So by not having a mouse you cannot click on icons, applications and other things which means it becomes practically useless. A cd drive could also disfunction which means that your device will not be able to insert cds. You cannot use the cd which means anything on there is unusable if you dont fix your cd drive. If your scanner doesn't work that means you wont be able to copy any paper or store it digitally. This means there is a great risk of losing the information held on the paper.

How hardware failure could effect a business

There are many ways a hardware failure could effect a business.Here are some of them.It could disrupt the businesses sales and profits they make. If the hardware fails then it will mean the business will not be able to sell which will make their profits lower and also might even make the business go bankrupt. Other way is if businesses cannot pay their bills due to a hardware failure they are charged more which in turn will affect their profits as they will have to pay interest on the money or might go court and pay all the court costs which could be very expensive.

Human Error

Human error is one of the most insidious source of failure and