Harlem Renaissance Essay examples

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Carolina Rodriguez.
Ms.Deb Hicks
Honors English Block 4
16 March 2014
Harlem Renaissance
“I,too, sing America.I’am the darker brother”said Langston Hughes.The Harlem Renaissance was a time that blacks were trying to show people that they didn’t need to be white to have talent.Black people wanted to end racial problems,explore the United States in a new fresh way and also show the world how good their talent was.Lots of people help with this because they believe that being black should never be a problem for anybody to show their talent.Black people never gave up on the dream of blacks and whites to live in a world together and not have any problems like we do in todays world.White people didn’t want to accepted the fact that black people had talent just like they did and some even more.I’m writing about this because I think is important that we never forget the racial problems we had before,I think is important for us to remember so that it doesn’t happen again and nobody ever gives up because they think their color matter. The Harlem Renaissance was a great time for blacks.Writers and artist were trying to explore black life in the United States in a fresh way.(“Harlem Renaissance”). For example, some African Americans artists addressed themes such as politics,gender,heritage in such a way that wasn’t familiar to most people.Blacks art started moving to old South-Oklahoma,Indiana,and Oregon.(“Harlem Renaissance”.World Book Student.).Black people settle in Harlem New York at first but they wanted to keep going to other places and show more there talents. They were able to finish this because now in days black people music,movies and art is everywhere in the United States and World.White people didn’t want this to happened but yet black people never gave up on there dream and kept fighting for what they wanted. . During the Harlem Renaissance blacks were trying to show off their talents,”A time when black culture was flourishing.(“History in Dispute”).Therefore they wanted black published to grow. They got the help of a lot of Magazines for example The Crisis.The crisis published by the National Association for the Advancement of colored people.(“Harlem”Britannica). Alain Locke a professor and philosopher edited an important anthology called the “New Negro”,this helped the black publishing.(“Harlem Renaissance”‘Williams). Black people did a really good job looking for magazines and other resources to help then get the good publishing that they need it to show their talent to the entire United States not just Harlem. Blacks loved Harlem they felt like it was there home and it is still like that. Harlem New York is place in which you go to and you can feel the black culture with paints on the walls and