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Outline for Final Case Conceptualization paper

The following outline can be used as a guide for the final case conceptualization paper:

I. Introduction
a. State the purpose of the paper and provide a 2-3-sentence summary of what will be covered in the paper.
II. Analysis of the case of Katie through the lens of Stern
a. Discuss Katie’s development across the 4 senses of self, using examples to illustrate Stern’s concepts.
III. Analysis of the case of Katie through your assigned theory
a. Analyze Katie’s development by using the concepts connected with your assigned theory.
IV. Analysis of the cultural appropriateness of each theory
a. What are the strengths and challenges connected with the two theories explored in this paper?
b. Demonstrate your ability to use critical analysis skills
V. Conclusion
a. Summarize what your paper covered and give concluding remarks.

All papers submitted should be no more than 10 pages in length, not including title page and references. Please remember to use APA format and to emphasize critical thinking as well as integration skills.

Outline for Oral Case Presentation

As the groups prepare for your prepare for your oral presentation, you will want to succinctly demonstrate, orally, why your theory is applicable to the case of Katie.

In this presentation, you want to highlight key theoretical concepts and also be able to defend why this theory is appropriate at different developmental stages. Groups will