Harriet Tubman Qualities

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“I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for 8 years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say; I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger” (Harriet Tubman). Harriet Tubman was a strong, phenomenal, African American women who escaped slavery to become a leading abolitionist. Tubman was the leader of the Underground Railroad, where she continuously returned to Maryland after her escape to rescue other enslaved slaves. She also served as a nurse to the sick for 3 years.Tubman was born in Maryland in 1820 with no exact birth date. Harriet eventually earned the name “Moses” because of her leadership. Harriet Tubman was a great women and hero who aid to help others. She consumed exceptional qualities that made her show case courageous acts. Harriet Tubman born Araminta Harriet Ross was born to enslaved parents. Her mother Harriet “Rit” Green owned by Mary Pattison Brodess and father Ben Ross owned by Anthony Thompson in Dorchester County, Maryland. Growing up to enslave parents was extremely tough for Tubman because she suffered physical violence by her master, which caused permanent physical damage. Tubman began to have seizures, extreme headaches and narcoleptic phases, however she didn’t let that affect her, she remained strong and would show her flaws.
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Because of her courageous actions it has shaped her in being a hero in my eyes. She used her strength and determination as a way to fight through hardships and difficulties. Learning about Harriet has influenced me to someday want to be just like her in the aspect of helping other and her strength to overcome. It takes an extremely strong women to be willing to take the risk of conducting the Underground Railroad and leading some lives to freedom. It also takes a woman of incredible assets to go nurse the sick and injured during the American Civil War even after all that's she been