Harris: Education and Modern American Education Essay examples

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Michelle Cooper
3rd English Honors

Today the modern American education offers opportunity for a wide variety of people of all ages. America provides a free public education to children across the US. Even though college is not apart of the free education system there are many scholarships available. I held an interview with two people who said that the free education isn’t enough that our children need more individual attention from the teachers. While that may be true but in the US we pride ourselves on individualism. We like to have help but we like to be independent. Finland and China have similar and yet very different views on education. It is difficult to rule out who has the overall best education system.

In Finland education is valued highly. The children love school. Learning is individualized in the class there are three teachers all with master degrees or higher providing the children with their undivided attention. The extra help is a standard practice. Most of the students are with the same teacher throughout the years developing that personal bond between student and teacher. Their education system is very successful for them.

Having a 2% of unemployment much tell you something about their education values. Singapore’s motto is educate your people and prosperity follows. Singapore differs from Finland in class there are 40 students to only one teacher. They value independence and good character. The principle takes his time to inspire the