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United States HealthCare Plan Argument

Learning to help you or help others; this argument is the foundation for the heated topic that is being heard by the populous. That argument is whether or not the government should be responsible to have healthcare. It is a well-known fact that not everyone in this country does not have healthcare, but why is that. Everyone should have the same opportunities to seek and afford healthcare. Some people work hard just to make a living but cant afford healthcare because it is so expensive. On average, the annual premium was $2,985 for a single person and $6,328 for a family. That may not seem like a lot but it can be for someone making less than 20,000 a year. The truth of the matter is the government should allow healthcare because these should be the rights of every citizen.
Every American citizen has certain unalienable rights, such as the right to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of press. Why not free healthcare? It would be wrong to deny healthcare especially to those who need it the most. It’s disgusting to think that you have to pay large sums of money in order for you to be given proper care. We have government for one main reason: to provide and serve its citizens. How can the government be doing a good job if it can’t provide a right as meager as basic healthcare?
I have imposed some questions about Obama Healthcare Plan. Also, I have answered them as a questions and answers essay:

Q. Does the Obama legislation redistribute income from higher income wealthier groups to lower income less wealthy?
A. Yes, the Obama legislation does redistribute income from higher income wealthier groups to lower income less wealthy groups. According to Tax Foundation in fiscal year 2012, income redistribution from the top-earning 1 percent of families will rise by an average of $64,000 per family.
Families in the 95th-99th percentiles would pay slightly more, almost $2,000 per family. On average, a family in the top 5 percent would have an additional 1.8 percent of its market income redistributed as a result of President Obama’s policies; for the top 1 percent only, that figure is over 3 percent. The policies would reduce the amount of income redistribution from families in the 60th-95th percentiles. Policies would increase the amount of income redistribution to families in the bottom 60 percent of the population, especially the bottom 20 percent.
The projected budget deficit for FY 2012 is $557 billion, but it is actually smaller than what the administration’s budget predicts for fiscal years 2009 and 2010, both of which exceed $1 trillion.
In my opinion, redistributing income from higher income wealthier groups to lower income groups is a great idea. In my opinion, Obama’s plan will not affect the wealthy enough to negatively impact their standard of living or businesses. Lower income and less wealthy will benefit because they will be able to support their smaller businesses and families better. I think if handled properly, Obama’s plan of redistributing income can be a positive thing for everyone involved.

Q. Does the Obama legislation provide more access to medical care?
A. Yes the Obama legislation does provide more access to medical care. With his health care plan, insurance becomes more affordable and accessible. He is providing the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history. The plan will reduce premium costs for millions of