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Health Care Support Summary

Social media, newly adopted by the medical world as a valuable tool is the newest health care revolutionary movement. Full time in house staffing of social media is becoming the latest evolution in health care institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, a health care group known as a leader in innovative and cutting edge medical care, research, and technology. Social media organizations continue to advance and improve the quality of communication, funding and education. Social media platforms pride themselves on being a result and solution based organizations with the ability to reach and communicate to a worldwide audience in a single keystroke for research, education, or awareness. The Mayo Clinic is also a solution based organization that drives the health care industry through renowned research and technology that lead to unmatchable education, literature, cures, quality health care, and best in class professionals. It is no wonder that an organization of this aptitude would also be a leader adopting the value and power of social media.
Social media is being used by the Mayo group as a means to improve already impeccable systems of education and communication. The institution provide the rest of the industry educational expertise and has always been advanced and their ability to spread communication in a very short amount of time. This has primarily been through developing new web sites and hosting high profile conferences in various locations. Their philosophy from their inception was the beginning of a new way to practice medicine. "It has become necessary to develop medicine as a cooperative science; the clinician, the specialist and the laboratory workers uniting for the good of the patient," explained Dr. Will. "Individualism in medicine can no longer exist." (2009), A core part of the Mayo Clinic tradition has always been to serve as a source of reliable health information to the general public and a source of innovation and education in collaboration with the medical community (para. 1). This same philosophy is what catapults them into recognizing that their advanced methods of reaching the public and other medical organizations are only enhanced through the use of Social media.
The foundation of social media has been to connect people. It has proven to pave the way for the world to become a single society. These two industries were destined to collide and feed each other to collaboratively serve and improve the medical world in any corner of the earth. Physicians have found that clinical studies and quality care are unavailable to many societies and by way of social media this information gateway has been opened. The reach of physicians to other physicians and the public to medical information is only possible in these areas through avenues such as social media platforms. This is not just a truth for the depressed societies; it improves the communication everywhere for everyone.
Social media is not only a platform for the general public to connect with the rest of the world. It serves as a place for physicians or patients to shared experiences and knowledge; it is an effective method for advertising and building brand awareness for medical research and organizations as well. Social media outlets are hosts of education and have the power to extend helping hands through the provision of instant communication. The strength behind platforms that host billions of people daily is almost incomprehensible and still in its infancy of the power yet to evolve. Social media serves as a business tool for health care institutions, organizations, physicians, communities, and connects the general public to this world. As time has progressed and the fears subside about the exposure of people using social media to express themselves to unknown people, the value and the volume of its use is phenomenal. “The once biggest fear for parents has now become one of their best