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American Health For various reasons I believe American health is a problem because there is an increase in the amount of obese people and diet along with exercise is the best solution. Some people may disagree because they may think that big is beautiful. However, I believe big is unhealthy and could lead to heart attacks plus many other issues. Also, they may be immobile to do a lot of things a fit person is able to do. Finally, the most important reason is fast food is simply cheap while healthy foods are expensive. Consequently, I will argue that American health is a problem because healthy foods are costly.

First being overweight is very bad for you in a variety of ways. it limits your mobility doing daily activities. In fact, many obese people are very inactive because of their health. For example a big person is at home instead of the gym. Also an obese person cannot do what the average healthy American is able to do. For example jog or run in the morning because their too tired or unhealthy. Big overweight people have a problem w/ exercise and should resolve it sooner than later.

Next, fast food restaurants are a big reason to obesity. In fact, the National Bureu of Economic Research say for children having fast food .10 miles of school increases obesity rate by 5.2 percent. For example, you lived a few miles from mcdonalds where would you go if you had $5 and you were hungry, not Redlobster but Mcdonald. Also fast food is cheaper alternative to the expensive healthy foods. For example fast foods have dollar menus not Pat and Oscars you’ll get a 10 dollar menu. Fast food…