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A healthy lifestyle can make it easier for a person to deal with those smaller things that seem to pop up daily. Health Psychology is concerned with understanding how biological, psychological, environment, and cultural factors are involves in physical health and the prevention of illness. Due to recent development in Medical and psychological they have come up with new ways of thinking about health and illness. Health and illness are now viewed as the product of combination of factors which includes biological characteristics, behavioral factors, and social conditions.
Health psychology has come up with a plan that will help people everyday deal with workplace stressors. From these studies Occupational Health Psychology have come which help us better understand the needs of people in the job setting. It also looks to understand how psychosocial characteristics of a workplace can affect the well being and health of those that work. Occupational Health Psychology is concern with various diseases and accident and injuries even the cardiovascular problems. Another concern is developing strategies for the workplace that will improve the health of people that work.
So many times we see that people bring his or her home life into the work place with them and this seem to affect their performance at work which cause bad reviews. Some employees have found themselves to be depressed which makes it his or her job duties difficult to perform. Others may have pre existing conditions that make it harder to carry out. These are just some of the issues that can lead to stress that can affect the workers ability to perform his or her job.
Now that we know the stressors that can affect employees in the work place we need to find ways to solve these complications of the problems her or she may have. One way is to offer the employee