Healthy People 2020: Environmental Analysis

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Environmental health is a major concern due to the effects that it has on the health of individuals. This conversation began when several studies linked environmental degradation to the increase of chronic diseases, degenerative diseases, and communicable diseases, just to name a few. Therefore, improving the environmental quality is one of the set goals of the U.S government as mentioned in Healthy People 2020. The objectives of Healthy People 2020 include reducing a population’s exposure to certain chemicals, reduce the amount of U.S homes with hazards, reduce blood lead level in children, reduce air toxic emissions, and increase alternate modes of transportation (Healthy People, 2015). These goals are attainable with the help of evidence-based …show more content…
In 1994, Silent Spring Institute launched the Cape Cod Breast Cancer to investigate the possible relationships between environmental pollution and breast cancer (Silent Spring, 2002). Researchers can indicate breast carcinogens with the advancement of environmental testing methods, which is important for risk reduction (Silent Spring, 2002). Studies have revealed that compounds in personal care products can mimic hormones such as estrogen or block the action of natural hormones. Friis (2012) states that DDT and organochlorines have etrogenic effect that mimic the female hormone estrogen and these endocrine disruptors block the body’s endocrine system (Silent Spring, 2002). The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 stated that it is vital to restore and maintain a healthy environmental quality to the overall development of man, public and private organizations, which further promotes the general welfare (Friis, 2012). Resources are available for implementing public policies, regulations, and laws that are designed to protect the health of the public from environmentally caused diseases (Friis, 2012). For example, due to public policy, there is now a reduction of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and blood lead level in children (Silent Spring,