Heat Energy Essay

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5 activities that have to do with a form of energy are running, eating, speaking, dancing and playing basketball. When I run I have potential energy before I actually run, I am waiting to run. When I finally run I have more kinetic but unless I am running on an inclined object then I have the same potential energy I have some heat energy also because my heat will begins to rise, my molecules will begin to move faster. Eating begins with kinetic energy because I move my hands faster to mouth. When I eat I break down chemical bonds to get chemical energy. When I speak I have to move my lips to speak so that is kinetic and sound energy comes into place when the waves come out of my mouth and vibrate your ear bones so you can hear what I said. When I dance I have potential when I am getting ready to dance and when I dance I have kinetic energy because I am moving. If I dance harder and faster my molecules move harder and faster so then I feel heat energy. When I play basketball I dribble the ball so it has both kinetic and potential energy. When I shoot the ball I jump and get potential, lose kinetic, fall back down and gain more kinetic.
Oil, coal, natural gas, and uranium are all fossil fuels and non-renewable sources of energy. Oil was made over millions of years so if it disappears it’s gone. Natural gas can only be used in some places not everywhere. Coal is used relentlessly in the United States but it produces tons of CO2 which can majorly injure the earth. Biomass, hydropower, wind and solar energy are all renewable sources of energy. They are all cleaner and more efficient but the reason they are not used more than nonrenewable energy sources is because nonrenewable resources have more power to be generated.
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