Sun and Solar Energy Essay

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What is Solar Energy

The sun has produced energy for as long as the earth has been around.

Solar energy is the sun’s rays, (solar radiation) that reaches the Earth. It is

the radiant light and heat from the sun that has been harnessed since ancient

times. It is also one of the of the many renewable energy sources available

to man, but for now cannot replace fossil fuels 100%.

Solar energy can be converted to electricity. This is done in two ways.

One, by using Photovoltaic, (solar cells), you can change the sunlight

directly into electricity. The solar cells are like batteries, they store the

energy for later use. The solar cells are then used to store power to give

energy for objects like watches, calculators and even some lighted road signs.

The second way is by using solar power plants. They generate electricity

when the heat from the solar thermal collectors is used to heat a fluid that

produces steam that is used to power generators.

The sun’s rays can also be converted to Thermal (heat) energy and

used to heat water for many homes, buildings and swimming pools. Large

flat panels are used to absorb and collect the energy. You can find some of

these panels on many rooftops of homes. They collect the heat energy and

transfer that energy to the water heaters.

Solar energy has many limitations. Solar energy is free and its

supplies are unlimited. Using solar energy produces no air or water

pollution. On the other hand, the biggest disadvantages of solar energy

are, the amount of sunlight that gets to the surface of the earth is not

constant. It depends on