Essay on “Heaven Scenario.”

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Thesis: Each day as the advancements of technology doubles, the world will soon not worry about diseases and health; everyday gene technology will better our minds, bodies, and most future generations, thus making the “Heaven Scenario.”
I. Introduction
A. Quote from Alan Kay in Radical Evolution Pg. 88
B. Importance of Genetic Engineering
C. Thesis Statement
II. History of Gene Therapy
A. Definition of Gene Therapy
B. Why they study Genomics 1. Quote from Rob DeSelle
2. Help from Organizations
III. Oganizations that fund studies
A. Who's DARPA
B. Who's CAP
1. Example of unstoppable human being
2. Quote from Goldblatt
3. Benefits of organizations
IV. National Science Foundation
A. Believed in Heaven
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(qtd. in Garreau 112-113)
This statement unveiled a world where technology advancements will mature in a way that Americans are capable of being healthier and happier individuals.
The effects of genetic engineering impacts the future by manipulating genes to help Americans live longer. Enzo Russo and David Cove, authors of Genetic Engineering: Dreams and Nightmares, tell a brief story about a little girl that was suffering from a disease called Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. “She was the first known human being to be treated using gene therapy…After two years of therapy, this young girl was able to attend school normally, to swim, dance, ice skate with her family and friends” (117-118). With this example it substantially shows the achievements of Gene Therapy and how Americans greatly benefit from them. Children will have the privilege to go out and play or do whatever else their little imagination wants to do so they can be just like every other child. If doctors had a way to catch or see a disease before it overtakes someone’s body then they would be able to do something about it. Jacobs, consultant genetic counsellor Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, believes “Early identification of