Essay about Heineken Marketing Report 2009

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Marketing 100 Andrei Catrinici Term paper Prof. J.Goldstein

I - Intro on company History of the company
II - Environmental Analysis 1 - Economic forces 2 - Political & Legal forces 3 - Demand a)Total size of market b)Market share c)Characteristics of demand 1-When 2-where 3-how often costumers buy 4 - Competitive forces 5 - Technological forces 6 - Social/Cultural forces
III - SWOT Analysis A. Strengths and Weaknesses B. Opportunities and Threats
IV - Marketing objectives
V - Marketing strategies A. Target markets
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It will adapt to local situations whenever possible, however, without prejudice to the Heineken values and principles or local laws and regulations. (Heineken NV annual report 2008)

II. 3. Demand Heineken has a strong position in the beer market thanks to its strong history. It makes Heineken the number two beer brewer in the world. The company accounts for nearly 5% of the world’s production. With a major global presence, Heineken’s main market is Europe, accounting for 47% of its sales. According to the Plato Logic November 2008 Research report, beer consumption worldwide has grown less than three percent that year. The researcher stated that the world's five biggest beer markets were China, United States, Russia, Brazil and Germany.[8] In the last several years imported and speciality beers were gaining market share at the expense of standard and traditional products. For example, in 2003 in the UK, the Heineken Cold Filtered was replaced by a 5% abv genuinely imported version.

|Year |Consolidated beer volume (mln.hectolitres) |Heineken volume in premium segment |
|2007 |105.4 |24.7 |
|2008 |125.8 |25.9 |