Hepatitis C and Damaged Liver Cells Essay

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Hepatitis As with so many diseases all around the world, we've come a long way in understanding the different types of hepatitis. They are caused by the contamination of food or water, the practice of unsafe sex, and by using dirty syringes or needles. There are six known types of hepatitis, but the three which are most common include A-B-and C. Several drugs are now in the process to treat hepatitis B, and a growing number of doctors and scientist are becoming available to manage, and potentially cure hepatitis C. At the same time, we're continually discovering and learning how to use approved medications much more easily and effectively.
Although their effects on the liver and the symptoms they produce can be similar, the same types of hepatitis are produce in different ways. In the case of same hepatitis, the duration of the disease are determined by virus that caused it. Various hepatitis can cause for people to have serious physiological and psychosocial effects. There are several types of transmitting hepatitis including contaminated body fluids like saliva, blood, feces and urine that can transfer hepatitis to other individuals. Also, dirty needles can also transfer this dieses, so always be sure when you get tattoo they use a new needle from the bag or at the doctor as well. “Contaminated needles shared by the drug abusers or in medical accidents such as needle pricks” is another way emphasized by (Nowak, 2014, p.379). That being the case, needles can contaminate you with several diseases and hepatitis is one of them. Because the fluid like blood transmit to the other individual therefore they will get hepatitis also. Having unprotected sex and multi-partners are other ways leading to this disease.
People get symptoms for hepatitis A, but not for B and C. The initial phase of hepatitis is called the acute phase. The symptoms are like a mild flu, and may include vomiting, nausea, weight loss, muscles or joint aches and more. There’s times when the acute phase is not usually dangerous, unless it develops fast which can lead to death. As the patient gets worse, these symptoms may follow circulatory problems, dark urine, dizziness, drowsiness and more. Today scientist and doctors have found some cures for this diseases only for hepatitis B and C. There is no treatment for hepatitis A, doctors will advise the patient to abstain from alcohol and drugs during the recovery. The vast majority of patients with Hepatitis A will recover spontaneously. For hepatitis B there is treatment, its rest. He will require a diet that is high in protein and carbohydrate, this is to repair damaged liver cells, as well as to protect the liver. If this is not enough, the doctor may prescribe interferon. Interferon is an antiviral agent. For hepatitis C, will be prescribed pegylated interferon and ribavirin. To prevent this disease, make sure