Hero Story Essay

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Flynn Rider was riding on his horse, Maximus, through the woods. They came upon Rapunzel’s castle and went inside. Maximus went off into the woods for a run, but Flynn went into the castle for dinner. During dinner, Maximus came running in chasing two mice. “Whoa! Slow down Maximus!” Flynn chased the animals throughout the castle. Finally, Maximus had the mice cornered. Flynn shoved Maximus out of the way. He picked up the two mice. “I’m Jaq,” the skinny mouse said “and this is Gus.” He said gesturing to the fat mouse. “Hi, but you’re not supposed to be in this story.” Flynn said “We know but Prince Charming is too stupid. We need a hero like you to save Cinderelly. Lady Tremaine has locked her up in her room, and she needs to get out. Lady Tremaine has destroyed the key to the room, so we can’t help Cinderelly.” Jaq said “Ok, but how do I move from one story to another?” Flynn asked “Come with us, we’ll show you.” Jaq said “Maximus! Let’s go.” Flynn yelled Maximus comes with a frying pan with a note on it. Flynn reads the note. “’You will need this’ Thanks Max, I almost forgot.” Flynn said Off they went, riding through the woods. Soon, they came upon a cave covered in green vines. “What’s this place?” Flynn asked “This is the magic portal that can take into any story.” Jaq said Maximus gives Flynn another note. “’Don’t go in, it’s not safe. You’ll be in trouble with Walt Disney Company for changing the story.’ Don’t worry Maximus, They won’t…