High Blood Pressure Essay

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Jasmine Bartholomew
Health Principles
Instructor—E. Henry

“The Lord has given light for you on the subject of temperance in all things.” To me this quote means that the Lord has given us information and guidance on how I should govern my life when it comes to temperance. This doesn’t just mean temperance in what I eat, but in all areas of my life. The section I read specifically dealt with the effect overeating has on forgetfulness. This appealed to me because this is something I struggle with. The passage talked about how overeating causes food to decay in my stomach causing bad breath and the stomach to overwork. This overworking of the stomach takes vital energy from my brain and redirects it to the work that the stomach needs to do. Overeating also causes, “catarrhal difficulties” which means it increases the swelling in my mucous membranes, particularly in the nose and throat. I was surprised to discover that even eating too large of a variety of foods at one meal causes a problem with digestion as well. Because my stomach and brain have to work so hard, a lot of energy and vital forces are expended that my body wouldn’t have to use if I were more cognizant of being temperant of the amount of food and the types of food I put into my body. Mrs. White said that if I do these things it will cause me to say one thing and then turn right around and say the opposite. I agree with what Mrs. Ellen White said. I am always eating or snacking on food when…