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Kendell Tylor
Highs & lows of me
In my self assessment I recorded my data from eight different categories and applied simple math to get my first category excepting personal responsibility resulted in the score of
55 which interpreted to sometimes keeping on course area. Second was discovering self­motivation motivation which resulted and the score of 64 interpreting to the usually keeping on course area. Then came the mastering self­management course which ended with a score of
47 and interpreted to the sometimes area again. next the employee and interdependence category with a score of 50 which interpreted also in this sometimes area. After was the gaining self­awareness category with the all­time low score of 36 & ended in the seldomly keeping on course area. Following came the adopting lifelong learning category with a score of 51 and also in the sometimes on course area. Before last came the developing emotional intelligence course ending with a score of 41 barely making it into the sometimes on course area. Finally the believing in myself category with the highest score of 74 and ending with the usually on course area. I think I scored higher in the believing in myself and the discovering self­motivation categories not only because they tie in with each other but because of my self confidence I have and my motivation to better myself. this was not a surprise and I feel great that I have these traits they are such great trait