High School and English Language Proficiency Essay examples

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Where the World Learns Together
International Application for Undergraduate Admissions
Session you are applying for (check one):
April 2014 (ESL only)

January 2014 (no direct entry to Nursing or Education)
May 2014 (limited degree options)
June 2014 (ESL only)
September 2014 (all programs)

Campus you are applying for:

Peterborough (All degree programs and TRENT-ESL: English for University)
Oshawa (B.A., BBA, and BSc in selected subjects and TRENT-ESL. www.trentu.ca/oshawa for details)

Personal Information (as it appears on official academic documentation)
Have you applied to Trent University before? Yes
No. If yes, please provide your Trent student ID assigned previously: _________________




Date of Birth: ________/________/________
Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Last/Family Name
First Name
Middle Name
Mailing Address (All Trent correspondence will be sent to this address. Please do not list a P.O. Box. We require a street number)
Address: ________________________________________________________________Apt. #: _____________________
City: ______________________________ Country: _____________________________ Postal/Zip Code______________
Telephone: _____ _______________________________ Alternate (cell) telephone: ____ ____________________________
Fax: _____ _____________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________
Permanent Address (if different from above)
Address: _______________________________________________________________ Apt. #: _____________________
City: _______________________________ Country: _____________________________ Postal/Zip Code_____________
Telephone: _____ _______________________ Alternate (cell) telephone: _____ ________________________ Fax: _____ ____________________
Emergency Contact
Name: _____________________________________________ Relationship: ___________________________________
Telephone: __________________________ Alternate (cell) telephone: __________________________Email: ______________________________
Immigration Status
Canadian Citizen or Canadian Permanent Resident/Landed Immigrant
Other country of citizenship
Country of Citizenship _______________________________
Country of Residence ____________________________________
Intended program of study
Which program do you intend to pursue?
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts, Honours
Please select subject(s) of interest: _____________________________ or Undeclared
Bachelor of Science, Honours
Please select subject(s) of interest: _____________________________ or Undeclared
Bachelor of Arts and Science (Honours)
Bachelor of Environmental Science/Studies
Teacher Education Stream1 (September entry only)
Concurrent Education Teaching Program (September entry only)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing2 (September entry only)
Letter of Permission (study at Trent for credit at home institution)
Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science3 (September entry only)
Special Student
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor in Kinesiology
TRENT-ESL: English for University and degree studies
Only TRENT-ESL: English for University (applicants must still meet Trent's academic requirements, except for English proficiency)

Contact the Education Program for deadlines and additional application information at www.trentu.ca/education
Contact the Nursing Program for deadlines and further details (nursingadmissions@trentu.ca). Available at Peterborough campus only
3 Contact the Forensic Science Program for deadlines and additional details (forensic@trentu.ca). Available at Peterborough campus only

English Language Proficiency
What is your native language/mother tongue? _______________________________
Have you studied in English (ESL excluded) at an English medium institution, English speaking country, for a minimum of 3 years?
If yes, please check at which institution: high school university college