High School and family Essay

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The world that I come from is a world where I am surrounded by family. However, I do not mean just my family by blood, but my friends who are the family I choose. When I was growing up I wanted to play sports in high school and maybe in college like my dad. My dad is a football coach and coached me in all the sports I played while I was growing up. I would have never thought I would be where I am today. I am not playing any sports in high school anymore but I am focusing on theatre and acting. I had never done theatre before high school and I never would have thought I would enjoy it so much. Now most people always think that because my dad in to sports so much that he would not support me in theatre but it is quite the opposite. My family including my dad just wants me to be happy and whatever I decide to do they just want me to work as hard as I can that it. My family are not the only people who support me, my friends support me with everything I do and I know that if I ever need them they will always be there for me and keep me grounded. My family and friends have made me stronger than I could have ever dreamed of and that will help me as I go on in life trying to become an actor. I really love acting and I want to pursue it but it is a tough industry and I have to be strong and be able to take rejection and with my family and friends behind me I know that I can always count on them to pick me up when I am down like if I have to give up on my dream and go to my back up and become a manager instead. I love both jobs but I know that without my family and friends I would never be able to do any of the things I want to do. My family is my support and if they ever need me I will be there for them like they are for me.

The Theatre Arts is what I really enjoy doing. I love all aspects of theatre but my favorite thing to do is act. What I love about acting is no matter what is going on in my life it gives me the opportunity to get away from my life and become someone else. I got started in theatre in ninth grade because my dad said it was a fun elective and from there I never looked back. I am always striving to get better at my craft because there have been people that have told me that I would never get the part I wanted, I would never make it to finals at the high school theatre competition, and I would never make it in the acting industry.