Hijab: Islam and Muslim Community Essay

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The tragic events that took place a little over a decade ago, on the 11th of September 2001 will never be forgotten and have brought the religion of Islam to the forefront of the stage. Who could do such a thing? And why? Sentiments of confusion, outrage, and hate from all over the globe have been directed at anyone associated to this “religion of hate” that “hates our freedom.” And the Muslim’s dare not add fuel to the already growing fire, indeed to be Muslim was to be an enemy to freedom and prosperity. I still remember the reaction my grandmother gave me when I thought to wear the traditional koffeyeh or headscarf that men occasionally wear “what do you think your doing? Don’t you know they will take you away if your caught with that on? That’s what they do in times like these” “where not in Yemen muy” would be the dispassionate reply. However, while most men would seek to blend in to the society as to not cause great attention, women wouldn’t sacrifice their practices to quell public frustration. Any guy could get a clean shave and change their name from Ali to Olee G, from Sami to Sam, or my favorite Muhammad to Moe Cash. Muslim Women were the real “flag bearers” of Islam. Walking talking Symbols of what they believed in and no amount of discrimination would compromise it whether a joke or jab at their unfashionable clothing or outright slander and accusations of terrorism. I think what has become obvious to me over the years is the fact that women seem to care more for Islam than men. While a man could easily dismiss his obligations whether to the community (charity) to his