Hiroshima: Nuclear Weapon Essay

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"All you need is love, love, love, love is all you need." Theses famous words were sung by a group of young men embodying a time in which love was the driving force behind the youth in revolt. Theses young minds motivated by "free love" were enlightened when they spoke of the influential power of love. They realized that if hatred could drive brothers apart and create total annihilation while leaving a wake of destruction its path then by the laws of the natural world its polar opposite but equal force of love, can bring people together and undo the omens and regrets of the past. Peace can be through non violent and diplomatic means, war and violence leads to nothing but bleeding and casualties. For in every battle the champion does not win the conquer without the cost of the reward.

Nuclear weapons create a false sense of security among the general public. Countries boast and brag at the destructive power potential of their newly manufactured weapons of mass destruction all while creating the illusion that theses weapons were created for their protection. A war can not be initiated without a provoking force and can not be concluded without a victor. Someone is destined to win. This is what makes nuclear war a bone chilling and utterly terrifying concept. Nuclear weapons have the capability to destroy the very atoms comprising and supporting the physical world. If theses bonds can be broken at the mere touch of a button how could they ever provide safety? A world which houses such monstrosities should be victims of their own destructive creation. For it is said that the atomic bomb is "the worst thing that ever happened" (LeMay, 3). Why would fighting occur on such a level that not only do soldiers die, but also all forms of life and creation among the targeted area? How could anything so powerful even offer the illusion of protection?

Love. It's a simple four-letter word that is often misused and under valued. Its a word that can be used to describe your favorite type of food or a word that can be used to describe why you were created. It is a powerful word that can transform and transcend any situation, it is a word linked to good things, people, and ideas, love is life. Nuclear war by definition as well as motive goes against the very core moral codes and force behind the word and meaning of love. How could a war in which utilizes and demands the assistance of weapons promote love? How could weapons created to rip apart the very atoms and molecules composing the physical world as well as all it's life forms generate and much less promote love. I oppose nuclear war because it goes against the very idea and meaning of love, for instead of producing creation it literally tears it apart on a molecular level! Just look at Hiroshima, according to Sigal that one atomic bomb "devastated the city and killed as many as 80,000 people" (Sigal, 2).